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Text Dizaster vs Oxxxymiron Raund 1 

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Всем привет
1,2,3,4,5… God, fucking, damn!
You got a humongous fam’
That ain’t no support group, that’s the fucking clan
Most Americans puzzled
How we’re making a fuss over a single Russian man
But me on the other hand
I’m someone who studied culture, so I understand why he has a ton of fans
Cause if you see how Soviet Union used to be structured
And how they broke it up into a dozen lands
You will know it’s only right someone from Russia would come with a bunch of Stans
God fucking damn!
There’s so many of y’all I can’t count
At first I was surprised cause y’all were so synchronized when you came out
Then I realized the obvious, y’all Communists
So you’re probably all living in the same house, but it’s false confidence
Everybody in this country knew I was gonna beat him
Even his own parents did when he went to see them
They gave him one last goodbye
They hugged him tight and they squeezed him
Then his dad looked over at his mum and said:
«You know, this is probably last time we’re going to see him.»
His fans gassing him up
And put a battery in his back who started gassing up his engine
Trying to play me, like I’m the innocent victim
They said that Russians are sophisticated with all their intricate systems
That if I try, I would fail miserably against them
Are you fucking kidding me?! Look at me, do I look like Hillary Clinton?
Listen, bro, I got the spirit of Lincoln
The spirit of J.F. Kennedy before they killed him
But don’t get the shit twisted, I’m still a bigger dick than Richard Nixon
Swinging my dick while I’m bumping Hulk Hogan’s intro music as I’m walking into the Kremlin
But I ain’t try to use this to start the World War II again
We’re way too advanced from that
We can use battle rap to diplomatically speak to these hooligans
Cause I’m actually cool with them
Yo, this is gonna be like Holy Communion for the Soviet Union
No, nah we’re not gonna feud we’re cool, I’m just trying to do this interview with him
I heard Russia has 7 thousands nukes…
Whatchu plan to do with them?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to be Putin’s friend
Cause I know if I ever had a chance to run for president, he gets to choose who wins
But if you think I’ma stand up here and sell out my country for you
You must be stupid then
USA still number one, we’re singing the same old tune
Even though we ain’t got proper leadership, the people are strong together so the show must resume
So I’m saying this right now, while the Canadians and the Russians are both in the room:
Y’all hear that? No, No, listen… You hear that? *silence*
That’s the sound of our country waiting for your country to get to the moon
In the next ten years, we’ll start colonies on Mars probably
And y’all fail time after time, and I know the job’s costly
But maybe you’re in the wrong hobby
Constantly trying to re-emulate the space program and greatness that you cannot copy
So excuse me, if I’m a little skeptical when a Russian says he gonna take off for me
Whether offense or recon
Same in battles, just space travels
We’ve always been the stars that you lean on
We’ve evolved, our technologies beyond
Y’all people buy E-ons
That’s why every time you’re in a space shuttle and something seems to be wrong
You have to pick up the phone and {boop boop boop} «I have to call up Elon»
I’m a walking phenom I told this Bosnian/Slavic peon:
We can rock on beats on or go acapella
Since nobody here wants to hear your weak songs
See in Russia, the hip-hop seems strong
But that’s cause your fan base consists of underage pussies rocking their fist to the house music, rocking your mama’s jeans on
That’s where Oxxxymiron’s concerts look like little awkward teen proms
Listen, this ain’t no block for us to beef on
I’m trying to find the clean enough concrete street for me to stomp his teeth on
You can’t box with me, Oxxxy, dream on
I don’t know what type of hard narcotics you’d be on
But I’m not one for Oxxxy to sleep on
Bars like synthetic heron, soon is the battles popping
Even Brittany Murphy couldn’t comprehend the situation an Oxxxy caught in (Oxycontin)
Yeah, that’s Oxycodone I hit him with the ox and take off with Oxxxy’s coat on
Get knocked from the Octogon or the boxing ring
Face me get washed in cream so that also mean I’m here Oxiclean

Text Dizaster vs Oxxxymiron Raund 2 

God fucking damn! What is this?
This guy just gave me the political business
You’re fucking superstar from Russia
I thought you came here to fuck some bitches
What a fucking bunch of fucking moronic militants?
«Your blood on your own flag»
I was born in America, you idiot!
Hold on, if this seems like I’m about to go long
Don’t you, fucking bitch
I only ask for unlimited not so I could rap forever
So y’all can slowly hear this stuff I spit
So today, I’ma take my time with what I say:
I ain’t rushin through my shit!
If you plan to take over, you gotta be way more organized
You thought this is the Ukraine border, you charge straight forward
You’re trying to get one of your hackers to get in the mainframe station and override
But bitch, this is California, and this state is fortified
You gon make me take this fucking frail Russian mail-order bride
And bust his face open wide right up to the shank out
And fish fillet both his eyes
So there’s a big enough space between them both to let the blade go inside
I will cave in your skull from the side
And break your nose bone like Kano causing your whole face to divide
Yeah, blame the outside
I will sent you to visit the angels so when you come back you’ll be like Goku rockin a stupid-ass looking halo when he died
Look, aside from the battle rap, you’re a real artist
And as a rapper, I could respect that
Cause just like every other industry rapper
You only doin’ what you’re the best at
Soon as you get depressed, you go and get yourself a neck tat
It says 1703? And those numbers mean something
See, most people might not quite understand it
But I studied the Gregorian calendar, so I now why he has it
It’s ancient mathematics, the numbers spell out a phrase
Combined and subtracted, it says… «I am a faggot»
Aight, since people love the Russian accent
I should try to talk like you, then
Look. I know you think this battle good look for you.. Нет
Not where you’ve been
Maybe, cause foreigner you think in your little head this the reason you should win
But, to tell you truth, this is not good position to be put in
I said yo, lighten up, we’re joking, why you’re acting so hard for?
You don’t want war, you keep all your pretty hydrogen bombs stored somewhere offshore
Cause the only thing we know y’all for is vodka bottle and blond whore
You come from a world where foreign exchange students sucking dicks in an American college dorm is considered an art form
Russian bitches were born to suck dick, you can see the features in their jaw bone
This is an onslaught, someone grab the popcorn
Why did y’all expect him to be hardcore when Russians are all known for soft porn
Dawg, your body is built like a lesbian wussy
I’m a fucking veteran, they fed me a rookie
And even though we speak two different tongues
He knows not to do anything extra to push me cause
One thing we all understand universally is body language and yours says you a pussy
Listen, I’m really out here rappin for y’all, this all you have for me? Nah!
I’m a rap god, been out here for 17 years strong
And still haven’t managed to fall
And plus, we seen what happened to Chernobyl you people don’t know how to handle disasters at all
But enough about Russian America, let’s bring Oxxxy in
How they brought him into Oxford and they offered him a job
But he ain’t wanted cause Ox was chillin
On amoxicillin imagine, how Ox was feelin’, knowing I was about to body him
Stock pile of Klonopin and antioxidants
But wait, Drago, this is the part where Rocky wins
Bars on top of bars at the Roxy, I’m boxing that Oxxxy in
Yeah, if there’s squad with him and he’s pullin out the choppers then-
Wo-hoo hopping out of the car I’m sending a hundred shots at them
I don’t give a fuck who it’s aimed at, I’m killing all of ’em
Bitch, this is payback for what y’all did to Denzel Washington!

Text Dizaster vs Oxxxymiron Raund 3

Yo, see, people always shocked how I get all these good looks
And when the windows of opportunity come why I’m always getting everything?
Cause it’s not just that, it’s me genuinely loving my fans
And connecting with them, it’s called that connection thing
And to show that I’m not full of shit, pull out your phones
323-831-3631, you can text me anything
Now that’s for y’all, that’s for all of my fans
Now, let’s get back to striking him
Leukemia patient with a lack of vitamins
Looking like one of them Irish men
Yeah, why he wanna battle with me? This is like suicide for him
I should’ve called the Linkin Park and invited them
Just so they can sit here watch Chester die again
Yeah, Rest In Peace, Chester, Rest In Peace, Rest In Peace
Yeah, y’all really got obsessed about that shit, aight. Too soon, I get it
Who in here though seen Fata Morgana, raise your hand up
Yeah, y’all seen that fucking music video he did
Where they were graphing his skin, slashing him
Digging in his organs and opening up his abdomen
Y’all seen the fucking music video, horrible he was rappin’ in?
Well, that shit gave me nightmares
But not from all the bloody scenes that were happening
I got nightmares cause I realized I was gonna have to hear him rap again
Do you know how Russian battlers sound to me when they’re battling?
*spits some fake slurred Russian*
Y’all sound like DNA and Charlie Clips in their 3rd rounds when they run out of English verses and randomly start rambling
So just, know deep in your heart, when DNA says
«I’m grasping the [?]»
Oxxxy’s in the cut clearly understanding him
You know what rhymes with Russian rapper?
It doesn’t matter
Cause it’s kind of a weird seeing how good you adapt in this atmosphere
But dawg, good job, you managed to pull off a battle here
You are literally like the first Vladimir to ever have a real rap career
But I’m Dizaster, I don’t give a fuck if he’s internationally famous
Or what this faggot’s name is
I don’t trust white people that come from random places
As far as I’m concerned, you’re an undercover anglo-saxon racist
You look like a cancer patient with a plastic face lift
In Russia, he’s known as «family rapist»
You look like that grand wizard on the final stage in a game
That you have to beat before you can say «you’ve mastered hatreds»
You’re a white dude with a bald head, who told your ass «go shave it»?
Bro, you look like you would literally throw up if you see a black girl naked
All I heard was racist shit from him talk about I’m racist
All this shit about (*imitates Arabic*)
And he talks it in other language
Like that’s fucking hard to do
Well, you think I can’t? I’ma fuck with you
Cause I rap in the second language too, you fucking nerd bomb
But since that’s not impressive to me, I’m going to rap in my third one
Really ready? Look at the camera while you’re dying right now
Пиздишь немало — закрой ебало
Я трахал твою маму в ЖОПУ
Told his bitch: «Пошли ебаться»
Она сказала «Give me 20 dollar»
И потом давала, она орала, СОСАЛА
How long can I keep go in Russian?
Your baboushka
I hit her with a bazooka
Pull out the пушка
Boom! Boom! Старуха Катюша
Seen his матушка, her name was Танюха
She was a сука
Дали штуку — шлюха
I make Russian woman suck my залупа
Ну-ка тихо без звука!
I’m the sickest in the world, bitch
No language I can’t find you and kill you in
Yeah, 50/50 on the wrist, this is like Pai Gow
I’m a bit of the night owl, so if I knock your lights out
We already know who’s paying the bills
Cause bitch, this is my house
Try to have fun a little, smile, this is your big night out
Me and you are friends, but if you trip right now, I’ma punch you in that big sized mouth till your lips turn inside-out
I literally lost my voice, I can’t spit a rap
See, when most Russians do stupid shit Americans don’t even react
See, I figured out he was Russian before he even rapped
When I met him in his home and he showed me to the back
Where he shot a beaver in it’s head in front of me and he wore it as a hat
Your bitch is proud slut with round butt
I put out my hands, she said *sounds of a slap*
«You can look, but you’re not allowed to touch»
I told her «woooww, well, I want to now fuck»
You know what she said? — «How much?»
I said, «You tell me», she said «10 thousand bucks.»
I said, «10 thousand what? Am I buying a round from Lux?»
*Diz seems to forget the end of the verse*
Ah time man, sorry. I can’t- I can’t even talk bro

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